UPS Supplier Database Registration

As a current or potential UPS supplier, it is important that you maintain your company's business size and diversity certification updated in our database. This information is used by UPS buyers when we work with diverse suppliers.


If you do not have an account or are unsure if you have one, follow these steps:
  1. Click Register button to search for your company by name.
  2. If your company is not found, continue registration at the bottom of page.
  3. If your company is found, select it and continue your registration.
    • Update your company's information, provide as much detail as possible.
    • Update your diversity and size status. Where possible, upload your certifications.


If you already have an account, update your information by following these steps:
  1. Click Login to access your account.
  2. Use the left menu to navigate the different sections of your profile.
  3. Update your company's profile to reflect the latest information.
  4. Resubmit your size certification form.
  5. Upload your latest diversity certifications.

UPS uses a third-party company,, to validate business size and diversity information. Please be sure to enter accurate information and e-sign the affidavit attesting to your business size and diversity information. calculates your Small (or Large) Business status by comparing the revenue and employee count information to the SBA size standard for your primary NAICS code.

If you have any questions, contact here, or the UPS Supplier Diversity at

Tier 2 Reporting

UPS supports a Tier 2 Program through which we work with our suppliers to create more opportunities for small and diverse-owned businesses.

UPS requires suppliers who participate in its Tier 2 Program to submit quarterly reports detailing direct or indirect spend with small and diverse suppliers.

Submit your Tier 2 Report

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